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At Allergy Certified Training, our goal is to help restaurants prepare their staff for patrons with food allergies. There can be a lot to manage when a patron with a food allergy walks through your door. Managers, waiters, chefs, back-of-the house staff all have to know essentials in managing allergies from talking with customers, reading labels, knowing what to do in case of an allergic reaction. We want to help you by providing quality online training in food allergy management that is easy to understand and easy to use.

Our materials are created and designed by experts in the food allergy field. Our goal is to make it easier for restaurants to train their staff on essentials on food allergy management so they can serve their patrons safely. Through our intuitive and easy to use interface, food service managers and staff can access the training that reviews essential concepts

We have worked with restaurants of all sizes. Whether you have a staff of two or 20,000+ we can provide a training solution for you.

So get started and let us help train your staff.

Are you looking for a custom-tailored solution for your training needs? Contact us now. We can customize training modules to fit the needs of your business.