Online Food Allergy Training for Eating Establishements

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Premium material covering essential topics in food allergy management.

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Our Food Allergy Training Courses

Choose from below for the course appropriate for you. We have options for food allergy training for managers and staff. We also have state specific training modules for restaurants to fulfill education required by statutes.


Restaurant Managers Course for Rhode Island


Restaurant Managers Course for Massachusetts

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Quickly and Easily Learn the Skills You Need to Safely Serve Your Patrons with Food Allergies

The training module will review all the essential concepts in food allergy management to help keep your patrons safe.

Quickly and Easily Learn the Skills You Need
  • Learn how to read labels for food allergens
  • Recognize potential sources of hidden ingredients

Learn about communicating clearly with patrons and staff to prevent accidental exposures to allergens

  • Learn symptoms of anaphylaxis
  • Understand your role during an allergic reaction.