Restaurant Managers Course for Rhode Island

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Are you looking for a comprehensive training to serve your patrons with food allergies safely?

This course is appropriate for a manager of any food eating establishment who is interested in learning about practices to keep patrons with food allergies safe while dining. The training review concepts including reading labels for allergens, preventing cross contact, communicating to your staff about allergies, and how to prepare for allergic and anaphylactic reactions. The education materials are in compliance with the most up-to-date FDA Food Code.

This Rhode Island Specific Course includes the full General Managers Restaurant Course and gives an overview of the Rhode Island Restaurant Law. This training course has been approved by Rhode Island Department of Health. Successful completion of this course will fulfill the Rhode Island requirements that a manager “be knowledgeable with regard to the relevant issues concerning food allergies as they relate to food preparation.” (Section 23-20.12-2 – Department of Health – Establishment of Food Allergy Awareness Program)